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    Exceptional heating and cooling service at affordable prices

    "I highly recommend Alatec for all your heating and air-conditioning needs. They're reputable, honest, knowledgeable,and won't charge you an arm and a leg."
    -Stephanie Stallings, VP, Water-Smart Inc.

High Quality & Affordable Heating and Cooling Services

When it’s sweltering outside, you expect your air conditioning unit to work pronto. Likewise, when winter is settling in, you need your heat to work on demand. If your system is failing and you need a completely new system or a rapid repair of an existing system, Alatec Heating and Cooling has you covered in Birmingham, Hoover and the surrounding areas. As a leading air conditioning service and heating repair company, we have the expertise to help you with all of your HVAC needs when you need us the most.

 Around-the-Clock Help

Sometimes your HVAC system stops working at the most inopportune time, leaving you freezing or sweating and feeling helpless. Fortunately, we can meet your heating or AC service need no matter the time of day or night—and even on holidays. Simply contact us about your emergency, and we will respond promptly by installing a new AC or by performing a heat pump repair, for example. In any situation, we will put your family’s needs first.
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Complementary Help

What makes us stand out from the competition is that we will never charge you for an estimate or second opinion regarding a heating and air conditioning repair or replacement. We do this because we are determined to gain your confidence. In addition, we pride ourselves in never charging for overtime work. We truly want you to enjoy high quality HVAC service at an affordable price.

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We Want to Satisfy You

When we at Alatec Heating and Cooling do an installation, cleaning or repair job at your home, we will handle it as though we were performing the job in our own homes. We want to do more than just meet your expectations: We want to surpass them. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our punctuality, professionalism, performance and prices when it comes to our heating system and air conditioner repair work.

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